I’m wondering if I can put this engine in a newer Chevy K with a bad I would like to have a extended cab with back doors or a 4 door pickup. If I can, what year can I go up to? What will I have to swap on the engine? Thanks for any help! Things that affect oil pressure are the weight of the oil used, temperature of the engine, engine rpm, clearances in the oil pump, the screen on the oil pick up, pressure relief valve, cam and crank bearing clearances. Just from the information you posted, it would seem your mechanic has made a logical call on replacing the engine or crank kit it.

Hooking up tach with electronic ignition

You should always uninstall MegaTune before installing a newer version. You can uninstall MegaTune in three ways: Follow the directions and MegaTune will be removed.

Apr 15,  · I had hooked up a tach for my son on his ’90 TBI C a while back. Worked like a charm for maybe 2 days then the coil took early retirement amidst some smoke. Been too chicken to .

By Tom Bobolts March 18, Article by: They offer a great platform to build engines whether you are running 8s, or 12s. We decided to come up with the basics on what it takes to swap an LS engine into an older vehicle not originally designed to accept it. Most of these have to be done for those running higher end classes, but we wanted to make sure we covered it all. Where To Begin The first question to ask yourself is where can I find the drivetrain? You have a few options here, all with their own pros and cons.

Factory Crate Engine A quick call to any local or online GM dealer such as SDparts can offer any factory crate engine delivered to your door at the click of a button. GM Performance Parts also offers a number of engines available in short, long, or complete engines.

“350 tbi” in Cars & Vehicles in Ontario

Heres the summary in a nutshell; Replace the resistance wire that ran to your points system, from the fuseblock, with a 12guage wire pink insulated if you want to remain factory compliant and hook it up to the HEI “BAT” terminal. Okay, so you want more; The points system has two wires running to the coil, one is the above mentioned resistance wire. This wire provides reduced voltage to the coil while the engine is running.

Providing that you have a stock Vehicle ignition system, we just put a tach on our 90 and there are two plugs on the coil, a single wire comes.

Thus polarity of the reluctor signal is critical to proper function. The falling edge of this square wave is used as the trigger event which becomes the rising edge when the optoisolator inverts the signal. HEI does not use the reluctor for dwell control, this is accomplished in the module. Dwell needs to be independent of RPM. Variable reluctor output is RPM dependent with regard to both its width and amplitude of its output. The only thing constant with a variable reluctor output is the location of the zero crossing point with respect to the passing tooth.

Be sure to get the variable reluctor pick-up wires connected properly. Reversing the variable reluctor sensor wires and thus the polarity of the sensor causes the leading voltage to go negative first and the electronics ignores the positive going transition. Thus trigger signal, if ever recognized, is the falling edge of the voltage as the end of the tooth passes.

This tells MegaSquirt-II where the crankshaft is positioned so that timing advance can be calculated appropriately. Note that since the optoisolator U4 inverts the trigger signal, you specify ‘Rising edge’ for the ‘Input Capture’ in MegaTune, which refers to the signal at the processor. Positive trigger offsets are used to specify the number of degrees before top dead center BTDC , negative numbers are used for triggers that occur after top dead center ATDC.

Technical Details

The only differences were the addition of the TPI and improvements in the valve train Several modifications have been made to the TPI system introduced in In the cold start injector was deleted from the system. The primary injectors were used for cold starts via a fuel enrichment program in the newer EPROM calibrators. In GM introduced the speed density system.

Apr 30,  · The Boating Forum – mercruiser mag horizon problem – I have a mercruiser magnum horizon stern drive. The motor runs great to about

How do you adjust timing on a 96 Chevy 5. Basically, You cannot set timing is correct But, turning thedistributor serves only to adjust what GM calls the cam retardoffset. Actual ignition timing is controlled by the PCM, based onthe information it receives from various input sensors. To adjustthe cam retard offset, connect a scan tool to… the DLC. Bring theengine to operating temperature, then hold it steady at rpm. Monitor cam retard offset on the scan tool. It should be 0 2.

Technical Details

The rebuild never seems to last and some of the areas like leaking around linkage and dry gaskets are often not fixable. They are too complicated, too hard to adjust, and in a difficult place to work on. I have a new engine, is the old carb still correct for the heavy breather?

This is the start of a Howell TBI installation. The pulse for the injector comes from the tach signal to the computer. If you do not get pulses at the injector, make sure you are getting a good signal from the tach input. What parts will I require in addition to what you supply to hook up the system on my GMC motorhome? 3 ea 1/4 in.

The following instructions are for creating a MegaSquirt to Relay Board cable. It is for those who are creating their own harness. With both boxes mounted, measure the distance between them from DB connector to DB connector – this will be the length that you will cut the individual wires. If you are not using a Relay Board, allow enough length in each of your wires to reach the target component.

It is often better to be too long and trim afterwards, than to be too short and have to splice additional lengths on. For a Relay Board cable, you can move both heat shrink pieces to the center of the wire length, and then twisting the center of the wire with a few twists to hold the heat shrink in place, so that it does not fall off the wire or run down while soldering the connection.

For a pigtail, you can slip the heat shrink tubing on later. Orient them so that both are facing the same way, with pins 1 – 19 closest to you. You will definitely want something to hold the connector, since as you attach more wires it wants to move around more, while at the same time you have less room to solder. Having it held stable helps a lot. Run one wire from pin 7 to pin 7 there are numbers on the plastic surrounding the connector’s pins and solder both ends.

Repeat with pins 8, 9, 10, 11 and 19 this one is important – it is the return wire for the coolant temperature sensor, air temperature sensor, and TPS.


Ask Question Step 3: Finding the Tach Wire First I found the output from the distributor cap. My distributor is hard to get to, so I had to remove a couple wire braces to reach it.

TACH Signal – On LT1 with distributors, this comes from the negative side of the coil. Later LT1 and on LS1, Vortec // this comes from the PCM, which generates this .

Sometimes or Located in front of RH strut tower Here are some external views of the GM computer I purchased with a wiring stub, connectors, and connector cover. Looking closely will show the 3 bolts that are used to hold the computer to a mounting bracket – one on each side and one at the top. These bolts are part of special clips that slide and lock into various slots in the housing that allow for different mounting options.

The dust cover just slides off by moving it away from the wiring harness – there is a small wiring clip that may need to be removed from the dust cover first – in my case the clip had already come loose from the harness tape, so the dust cover slid off easily. Note the weather seals around cover and under bolt heads – do not lose or damage these! Make sure you ground yourself before messing around inside the computer – static electricity can be deadly to sensitive and often expensive electronics.

TBI Tachometer (GREEN) Signal Wire Location – 350 305 Chevy