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10 Most Visited Websites In South Africa

Nicol, of Richwood, has end-stage kidney failure and is paying a “huge price tag” for his survival, getting the treatment he needs in the private sector. Worse still, Professor Charles Swanepoel, president of the SA Renal Society and a nephrologist at Groote Schuur Hospital, which turned down Nicol for treatment, has revealed that funding constraints and staff shortages force them to turn down about 40 percent of renal patients for dialysis.

When Nicol was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in April , doctors gave him just three months to live.

South Africa Court adjourns after fed-up lawyer dumps Congolese ‘rapist’ pastor High court judge condemns Quantum taxi rapist to life in jail.

By Staff Reporter News24 On Saturday, the small agricultural town of Stella in the North West was rocked by the news that two teenage girls had been found dead in the hostel of the local high school. The bodies of Sharnelle Hough, 17, and Marna Engelbrecht, 16, were reportedly found hanging on the staircase and in the bathroom.

By Sunday, Xander Bylsma, 19, Engelbrecht’s ex-boyfriend, had been arrested for murdering them and had confessed to the police, News24 reported. Bylsma reportedly made a brief appearance in the Vryburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday. According to News24, no foul play was suspected at first, when the girls’ bodies were discovered.

The hostel matron reportedly found Hough’s body hanging from the staircase at the hostel.

Stella Murders: Ex-Boyfriend Appears In Court After Girls Found Strangled

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Robert Gerrard trained under David Rattray, the most celebrated historical storyteller in the region and a close friend of the Prince of Wales. Both men met the same fate: Mr Rattray was gunned down in his home by armed intruders in , while Mr Gerrard was tortured and left unable to walk after armed men burst into his cottage in February this year. David Rattray was killed in The Royal Geographical Society Fellow and former British army officer died last week following complications from the multiple injuries he sustained, including brain damage, a shattered pelvis and severe burns, his family said on Tuesday.

His great grandfather, Sir John Robinson, was the first prime minister of the British South African colony of Natal, he said in a recent blog post, and his father had been the commanding officer of The Gordon Highlanders, the British army infantry regiment that fought in the Anglo-Boer war along with both world wars. As the resident tour guide at Isandlwana Lodge, he became legendary among visitors who included former US president Jimmy Carter and his family.

Mrs Fox said her brother had been left profoundly depressed by the attack.

Why business cartels thrive in South Africa

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A Gauteng firefighter, trying to rescue others, has tragically died after slipping off the balcony of the 23rd floor of a burning building in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our intention is to create a comprehensive database of records and information relating to Jewish immigration to South Africa The thinking behind the inception of the Jewish Migration and Genealogy Project is twofold: To integrate the genealogical data in multi-disciplinary research initiatives under the auspices of the Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Centre at the University of Cape Town. The primary aim of the project is to research the estimated 15, core families who migrated to Southern Africa between from England, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.

In broad terms the research will focus on the locations where the families originated, patterns of migration to South Africa, where families first settled, communities they established, growth of families, and subsequent movements and emigration. As such we are looking at aspects such as passenger arrival lists, naturalization lists, community records, records of marriages, births and deaths, family trees, etc.

The centre is under the umbrella of the Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Institute for Jewish Studies at the University of Cape Town and will also have a public access section located at the South African Jewish Museum There are number of people who have contributed their time and knowledge to the content of this site. We thank everybody who has shared their work, their time and their love for history and culture with us for this purpose. The lists have been compiled from various sources. A number of the lists are updated on a regular basis.

We are working to improve the site and make it more useful. If you come across any errors in the data, please let us know. We hope you find the site interesting and enjoyable.

This is how Moshe Ndiki’s dad reacted to the idea of meeting his boyfriend

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South Africa’s wealthy, the research showed, are more likely to die from alcohol-related injuries and diseases like cancer. The findings of the paper are not surprising. South Africans have long had a reputation of being a nation of hardened drinkers.

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Any Transgenders in South Africa? Looking for some advice on transitioning here, as I am new and all, and looking for some people for support. I am 21, planning to .

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South Africa’s Youngest Black Female Cardiologist – Dr Viwe Mtwesi

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Goldblatt will also be exhibiting portrait photographs of municipal officials. Gradually, on the pretext of public health and slum clearance, Africans were forced out and Coloureds were enticed with new suburbs. Monk was a gregarious self-taught photographer who worked as a bouncer in a rowdy Cape Town nightclub in the s. Some things old, some things new and some much the same. Black and white photographs from the series taken in the 80s and 90s were shown in an exhibition at MoMA in entitled South Africa: The Structure of Things Then.

Lerato Sengadi is taking her father-in-law to court in an attempt to stop HHP’s funeral

Personal Finance explains how interest-free banking works, the ethical principlesbehind it, and what is on offer in South Africa. Those of us brought up in the Western way of doing business may find it difficult to understand howsharia-compliant banking – banking according to Islamic law, which forbids the paying or receiving ofinterest, among other things – could possibly work. How can one do banking without the use of interest?

If you think outside the box, you will realise that it is quite feasible. And don’t confuse interest with returns.

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If such inhomogeneities cannot be avoided field gamma spectrometry or collection of sediment from the disparate units is advised to document the in situ Match. Search through thousands of personals and photos. Despite the ugly truth that looking for the one on the internet means dealing with fake information, 31 percent of South Africans use online dating.

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Through photographs, text and archival documents, the exhibition recounts a struggle within a struggle: In the Union of South Africa was created as a self-governing dominion that continued the legislative program: She did not miss the march of 20, women to Pretoria to protest against the government’s new ruling that African women had to carry passes; nor did she miss a chance to defy the new pass laws in He was especially anxious for news about his children, Max in particular.

Walter had managed to smuggle messages to Ruth First, who was in London by then, asking her to find out why Max had not gone to school and to remind him that he could go into the military only after he completed his education. He wanted the nation to understand his deep sense of loss and at the same time pay homage to the man who for so long, was the wind beneath his wings.

Oct 07,  · A human rights organization in South Africa is accusing authorities of failing to properly investigate the deaths of four gay men. Local media outlets .

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