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Close About the Collection Public art is art that exists in the public realm and is freely accessible by everyone. Public art is intended to engage the community and to stimulate thought, feeling and discussion. City of Edmonton Public Art Collection is a collection of works that the City has acquired in various ways over its history: In Edmonton, citizens can experience art as part of their day-to-day lives, whether taking their children to the library, working out at the gym, taking a trip to the Eco Station or riding the LRT. It is a way of encouraging interaction with public space, art and the community. This collection is owned by the City of Edmonton, and exists for the enjoyment of Edmonton residents and visitors to our city. This public art online gallery is a work-in-progress. There’s more to come, so keep checking back as Edmonton Arts Council continues to add to the gallery in an ongoing project to represent the full collection. Close QR Codes You can scan the QR Codes on this site with your smartphone and it will load a mobile-optimized version of the page you are on. Generally, this is helpful to load up a map with the location of the art piece you are viewing.

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Fuzzy-based methods applied in construction management field are reviewed. Abstract Fuzzy and hybrid methods have been increasingly used in construction risk management research and this study aims to compile and analyse the basic concepts and methods applied in this field to date. A content analysis is made of a comprehensive literature review of publications during — It is found that the nature of complex projects is such that most risks are interdependent of each other.

Therefore, a fuzzy structured method such as the fuzzy analytical network process FANP has frequently been used for different complex projects.

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Winter Operation If you are running a flexible hose from your pump it must be disconnected in the winter to prevent the hose from freezing and damaging your sump pump. You should have a splash guard below the discharge point to direct the water away from your foundation and any neighboring property. If you find that your sump pump discharge is excessive and continues to pump throughout the winter causing pooling on the roadway and hazardous icy conditions you can request a permit from the City of Edmonton Drainage Services.

Welcome to the City of Edmonton online On-Street Construction and Maintenance (OSCAM) Permit Request form. The form works best if you have a valid Customer ID number, but can be used even if you do not have a Customer ID number.

Having been in business for many years in Prince George, dealing with ” the good, the bad, and the ugly,” we know the daily happenings that you must deal with.. Please know that we appreciate each and every effort that you make in order to run such a high standard , second to none, campsite, business.. You go the extra mile, it does not go unnoticed! Please take care, have a great season, we will see you in Take care, be happy, be safe.. Robin and Keith, Thank you so much for everything, and for the African Violet.

You both have done such a great job making it much nicer for your guests.

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Three Canadian municipal water leaders have been selected: Road washout in the Modeste subwatershed flood in August Steve is an internationally renowned researcher, educator, author, and a tireless advocate for scientific excellence.

By Kevin Maimann StarMetro Edmonton Mon., Sept. 24, EDMONTON—An Edmonton shisha lounge has lost its business licence after a string of violent incidents and overcrowding issues.

Water Heater Installation in Edmonton We offer several different options for water heaters to our customers; these include: They meet hot water heating basic needs and are the least efficient style of gas water heater. But if a home has not other option, they are a simple install or replacement. Some varieties have thicker high density foam to help prevent the need to reheat the water as often thus reducing the amount of electricity used each day. Single pipe power vented.

They substitute as a very basic “boiler style” system. Bigger investment but there are often government rebates available for switching to these HIGHEST efficient residential style hot water heaters Only heat the water you want to use. They also typically have the best warranty coverage from the manufacturers also Here are some factors you should consider: Natural gas offers a clean and safe fuel that is also cost-effective.

Depending on the usage and size of your household, you may want to consider a large capacity model that holds forty or fifty gallons or more. Another option to consider is a tankless water heater.

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If water in the sump pump hose freezes, your sump pump can overheat and burn out. There are two ways of preventing this. Try them out to see which works for your property. In the fall, once the weather drops below freezing, disconnect the flexible sump pump hose outside. If you don’t already have one, attach a 90 degree elbow to the discharge outlet, and place a splash pad under the discharge outlet, or Fasten a larger size flexible, perforated drain hose or pipe 4″ or 6″ diameter of suitable length to the discharge outlet e.

Within the City of Edmonton, you can use EPCOR’s Submit Your Meter Reading tool. Alternatively, you can provide your name, address, account number, daytime telephone number, and meter reading using EPCOR’s automated telephone system at ()

Our proud history of innovation and service dates back to when The Edmonton Electric Light and Power Company was established. It became a municipal utility in and was joined by the City’s water branch a year later. The company became known as Edmonton Power in The company is governed by an independent board of directors with the City of Edmonton as its sole shareholder.

Generation – EPCOR is the second largest power generator in Alberta with 1, MW of capacity, representing about 22 per cent of the province’s supply. Distribution and Transmission – The company operates km of high voltage transmission wires which form part of the Alberta provincial power grid and 9, km of primary distribution wires that provide energy and related services to , residential customers and 27, businesses in Edmonton.

Product lins include traffic signals and street lighting, electric meters, instrumentation, and high voltage testing. Energy Services – EPCOR retails electricity, natural gas, “green power” and other competitive services to residential and business customers in Alberta.

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When conditions are good we have had some good fishing. When conditions have been poor we have had some poor fishing. So far, we have had too much warm weather for July. The rain we received yesterday is bringing the water up a bit and has improved fishing conditions today and already this morning we have had good results reported.

EDMONTON, CANADA – MAY Panorama of Edmonton’s skyline at dusk on May 20, in Edmonton, Alberta. The Saskatchewan River is in the foreground and a traffic bridge is on the right. Edmonton City skyline black and white silhouette with reflections.

It outlines the potential problems that would stop the project from going forward. One such issue is the concerns of residents living near the proposed locations. However, the report acknowledged that many Edmontonians are likely to go to the beach if there is one anyway and on a practical level the city needs to address the issues that come with that. Of these, Cloverdale Beach was picked out as the most viable spot because of how large and accessible it is for people. City councillors will soon debate whether to make Accidential Beach permanent.

Last year, Cloverdale residents voiced concerns over garbage piling up, excessive noise from beachgoers and a lack of parking because of so many people flocking to the beach. City planners are also suggesting councillors consider barring non-residents from parking in front of homes in Cloverdale and asking beachgoers who drive to Accidental Beach to park along nearby green spaces like Gallagher Park. Construction work on the future Tawatina LRT bridge saw crews put temporary rock berms into the river to allow them to work.

Sand and silt gathered just downstream and built up as the summer went on. The beach became so popular, Google Maps even marked Accidental Beach on its Edmonton map and a local entrepreneur began selling their own line of Accidental Beach apparel. A sandbank has begun to emerge from the river water already where Accidental Beach was last summer. City council asked city administrators last November to look at the prospect of creating a more permanent beach in Edmonton.

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