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It is the newly revived daily service to Falluja, a dusty town to the west once infamous as a Sunni insurgent stronghold. The driver and conductor assure that the tracks running through Anbar province are now clear of mines planted by ISIS and of collapsed bridges the group blew up when it marauded through western and northern Iraq in The rapid advance of the militants shut down the line, before U. After a four-year hiatus, hundreds of rail passengers now travel the 30 miles between Baghdad and Falluja in just over an hour. By car, the journey can take several. The Baghdad-bound leg arrives at 8 a. But the train is dilapidated and shudders as it gathers speed. The state of the tracks allow a steady pace of up to around 70 miles per hour, but no more. Dozens of windows have been smashed by children who play in the dirt in poor Baghdad districts and pelt carriages with stones as they cruise by. Abdul Sittar Muhsin, a media official for the national operator Iraqi Republic Railways, said the company was in dire need of funding to keep the service running.

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March 28, Courtesy of Goran M. Amin Construction workers accidentally discovered a vaulted tomb dating back to the time of the Assyrian Empire in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Ten skeletons were also found at the site. Inside the tomb, which was constructed with baked bricks, archaeologists discovered three ceramic sarcophagi holding two skeletons.

Eight other skeletons were found on the ground around the tomb, said Goran M.

Erbil, Kurdistan at night. LaChicaPhoto/Flickr. The Islamic State, or ISIS, has been taking swaths of territory in northern Iraq and Syria in recent weeks.

FGM urgently needs to become an old story 06 Feb The young mother lives in Tutakal, a remote village approximately three hours south of the Kurdish capital of Erbil and home to some 15 families. The cluster of houses can only be reached by snaking through green fields on a muddy track. In Tutakal, however, the tide seems to be changing. In , non-governmental organisation WADI approached the minute village with a life-changing proposition: Since then the village has seen the birth of two girls and neither of them has been cut.

Sofia Barbarani Amirah has chosen to not have her youngest daughter operated on, believing that this way she will have a better future and a happier marriage. The village elder, Sarhad Ageb admits that it took him two years to convince his fellow residents to quit the harmful practice. Mr Ageb is an elderly man with piercing blue eyes.

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Ancient history Erbil is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in history. The first mention of Erbil in literary sources’ comes from the archives of the east Semitic speaking kingdom of Ebla. Later, Erridupizir , king of the language isolate speaking kingdom of Gutium , captured the city in BC.

Why This Kurdistan Tour is for You. Firstly, the trip is really affordable — it costs US$ for 9 days and includes all accommodation, transport, entrance fees and guide. If you do your research, you’ll know that this is one of the lowest prices you’ll pay for a 9-day trip in Iraqi Kurdistan unless you do it .

Trade, culture and even the concept of the alphabet developed in this region. Along with these developments came the establishment of great cities. While many have long been abandoned and nearly forgotten, these 9 Middle Eastern cities have stood the test of time and remain inhabited after thousands and thousand of years.

Susa, Iran Reference to Susa can be found in some of the earliest Sumerian literature. Jericho, Palestine Archaeologists have unearthed successive settlements in Jericho dating back to 9, B. Byblos, Lebanon First occupied between 8, and 7, B. Aleppo, Syria First founded around 4, B.

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What is the status of the fight against the militant group? Seib explains where the U. Traditional Kurdish buildings sit alongside western style homes and businesses.

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Stories from Iraq Picture: The displaced come from various religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds — suggesting that this is still a diverse country, despite years of war and bloodshed. Here are some of the stories from those who recently had to flee their homes. A Dominican Sister “We had only one choice: A graduate from the University of Notre Dame, where she received her Ph.

Luma has sought solace in the Book of Micah. Everyone will sit under his own vine and his own fig tree, and nobody will make them afraid any longer. Khidir’s cousin told him not to worry. But soon, Khidir and twenty other men, including his cousin, were packed into a Kia truck and driven to the middle of a field. They were blindfolded and forced onto their knees. He heard his cousin scream out as he was hit and then felt a blazing hot prick on his own neck.

But the bullet had just nicked him and Khidir, who had fallen to the ground, pretended to be dead until the assassins left. Only one other man survived the firing squad and together they made their way to the Kurdish region of Iraq. While few bodies have been recovered from that fateful day, Khidir has accepted that his father and four brothers were executed.

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Do you mean places? If so, yes there are places. Try the village of Ainkawa attached to Erbil. There are eateries around there with a mix of expat and locals. It is double what the locals pay in local places.

Sitting around km north of Baghdad, it’s the capital of Kurdish Iraq and one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities — dating back to BC.

The text of the email is below. Read it if you wish, share this article if you feel so moved. However, whatever you do, be sure to ACT! Only through sustained prayer and action will we overcome all evils. Dear All, I have received these two emails from our missionary friends, one yesterday and one this morning. Much love and blessings This is so sad

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Mar 04,  · The young mother lives in Tutakal, a remote village approximately three hours south of the Kurdish capital of Erbil and home to some 15 families.

Arrow icon The news from the Middle East has become so grim I am always looking for a bright spot. So, on a recent trip to Iraqi Kurdistan, it was a relief and a surprise to come across an upbeat story in an unexpected place: The first hint of something unexpected was the shrieks of children’s laughter when I entered the Mar Elias churchyard. The next surprise was seeing young boys and girls playing volleyball together on a paved court under improvised night lights, a sight I’d never seen in the gender-conscious Middle East.

This scene was a far cry from the dark days when ISIS overran ancient Christian towns in Nineveh province and 60, Christians fled to Iraqi Kurdistan, where they crowded into cheap apartments or churches or squatted in unfinished buildings. The Kurds, who are Sunni Muslims but not Arabs, welcomed the Christians but couldn’t cope with the influx having already accepted , Syrian refugees and previous waves of Christians fleeing Baghdad and Mosul. At Mar Elias, families, people in all, jammed into its large grounds in Ankawa, a Christian suburb of Erbil.

They were a confused angry crowd with hundreds of traumatized children. But when relief agencies finally sought to move the refugees into rental apartments or makeshift camps, a strange thing happened. Under the priest’s direction, and with the contributions of local Christian volunteers, the refugees had morphed into a close community.

Baghdad says Erbril airport off limits for international flights from Friday evening